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Estienne Mainadie à Magdeburg, circa 1705. Very fine and rare pair-cased, silver 'wandering hour' watch. 39.5 mm o., hinged gilt brass full plate with tulip pillars, fusee and chain, verge escapement, plain steel three-arm balance, single-footed winged cock, pierced and engraved with symmetrical foliage, pinion and rack regulator with silver plate with Arabic numerals.Signed on the dial and the movement, case stamped MG under a coronet.Diam. 55 mm. Published in the Sandberg book, page 116-117. Notes Watches with a wandering hour dial first appeared in the 17th century.In the 1920's and 1930's, Breguet sold many wandering hour watches with a system patented in about 1925 by Robert Cart. More recently, the idea has enjoyed a revival, being introduced into the wristwatch.Mainadie Estienneis listed as having been active in Magdeburg, in the early 18th century.