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“Mortal Combat”. Circa 1930-1935. Moise Potvin, Signed on the base Potvin. An American Folk Carved Walnut Lion and Serpent Engaged in Battle, with painted highlights. Height 7 “. Width 12”. (2500/3500) Cf. Born in West Farmham, Quebec, Moise Potvin as a young man moved to Rhode Island. Although it is documented that Potvin was an accomplished violin maker, evident from a label affixed to an Amati violin, “Restored by Moise Potvin, Rhode Island, 1916”, it is his folk art carvings that have won him the most recognition. From 1925 through 1940 many of his carvings toured the United States and Canada. In 1948 the Binghamton Press (NY) featured a series of Potvin’s carvings titled “Hobbyland” that were the center attraction in an exhibition at the Binghamton Armory. “Hobbyland” consisted of twelve 5’ by 5’ tableaux, variously titled, with exquisitely carved fully detailed animated wood figures engaged in daily pursuits. “The Village Smith Stand” and an ‘Interior Family Dining Tableaux’ are illustrated in the press. A Other known works included a 21 inch wood sculpture of Samson Battling a Lion, a group of carved and wood painted dogs and a prize-winning racehorse named “Cereus”. An early image of the offered work, “Mortal Combat” exists but it lacks a provenance. See images provided from literature below. Literature: 'One New England', "Moise Potvin - Artist, Entertainer and Impresario", Parts I, 2 & 3, Nicholas H. Kondon, September/October 2011. Images provided from One New E

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