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(Papal Indulgence), Tetzel, Johann (1465-1519) and Albrecht II, Margrave of Brandenburg , Two articles: first a signed letter, December 27, 1537, one page, to Heinrich von Horm, a pay order for Johann von Hellinger, second, a fragment of a printed indulgence, on vellum, c. 1513, authorized by the Bishop Albertus von Brandenburg, unaccomplished, printed by Melchior Lotter, 2 1/4 by 7 1/4 in., (good). Note: Albrecht II was the architect behind the sale of Indulgences ordered by Pope Leo X to pay for the ongoing building of St. Peter's in Rome. The mere sight of the opulence of the Square and the sale of these indulgences fueled the bitter consternation of reformist followers of the early 16th century. Lotter, who later printed Martin Luther's 95 Theses , likely cut up these unused indulgences and used them in book binding.