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Belgian Congo Mining Note Book, Clinton Percival Bernard (1888-1967) c. 1916-1918 Octavo format commercially produced Cross Section Book , produced by Keuffel & Esser Co., of Chicago, copyright 1895, graph paper leaves throughout, content supplied in pencil by Clinton Bernard, Forminiere Agent in Tshikapa, Belgian Congo, West Africa, 1916-1918, including detailed records of field explorations in search of precious stones, including geological surveys, detailed data on the results of mining, including wages paid to various workers in different jobs, charts and maps, cross sections, and other data related to diamond mining in West Africa, including the yield in carat weight of the mining "exploitation," for example, in February of 1918, Bernard records the number of servants, sentries, sawyers, loggers, boatmen, and other workers needed to fulfill the job of mining diamonds; the binding worn, pages yellowed, one loose map inserted, 7 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. Bernard was a 1909 graduate of Yale, born in Jamaica, New York, in 1888, he worked as a mining engineer at a variety of far west mining facilities before being dispatched to the Belgian Congo in the teens.