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CHARLES HARPER, GRAPHIC ALBUM CONTAINING 37 SERIGRAPHS, 8 3/4" X 13"-13" X 18 1/2":Depicting animal abstracts, signed and numbered. From the Collection of Dr John and Rose Czuj [Shuey]. list of serigraphs: Crayfish Molting, Puffin, Beetle Battle, Ladybug Lovers, Chipmunk, Yellow Bellied Sapsucker, Pelican in a Downpour, Family Owlbum, Round Robin, Wood Duck, The Last sunflower Seed, The Wedding Feast, Watermelon Moon, Painted Buntings, Fine Feather, Tall Tail, Cool Cardinal, Raccpack, White Coat, Pfwhooooo!, birdwatcher, Claws, Devotion of the Ocean, Cornprone, Brrrrthday, Down Under, Down Under, Seeing Red, Dolfun, Lovey Dovey, Bittern Suite, Frog Eat Frog, Jumbrella, Racc An' Ruin, Foxsimiles, Romance on the Richter Scale. Some without titles.

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